About Glyn

Hi, I’m Glyn Conlon. Mediator, compassionate communication coach and conflict resolution specialist. I help my clients heal from the energetic and emotional baggage that causes them to attract conflict in their conversations. 

Being born of Yugoslav and British parents, I grew up in a home filled with the conflict of two people from two different cultures, with very different ways of communicating, where control was disguised as love. As an adult, I initially stepped into relationships that mirrored my upbringing – misinterpreting control for attention and love. Over time, I became aware of my parents’ relationship challenges and the skill deficit in their communication. 

My time at school emphasised my feeling of “otherness”, where I experienced some bullying, as well as becoming highly aware of the difference in my physical appearance. Where all the kids had fair hair and eyebrows, I had inherited my father’s blonde hair and my mother’s dark eyebrows. I developed a passion for understanding different cultures and how we communicate.

In my adult relationships, I began noticing patterns of behaviour that came from my exposure to the way my parents interacted while I was growing up. My most notable experience was one relationship that was characterised by the narcissistic whims of my partner. Worrying that my past conditioning would dictate my future relationships, I discovered the art of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – the missing key to connection and staying buoyant during times of fear, loss, and disappointment. 

The wisdom I have gained through my personal experiences and my training in NVC and other personal development and mindset tools has given me an invaluable perspective when faced with situations of conflict and miscommunication. When I changed roles a few years ago, due to impacts on the company of the economic climate, a situation arose where my former boss demonstrated threatening behaviour. As he went on his tirade, I began recognising patterns of control and narcissism. Thanks to my personal and professional commitment to deeply understanding how to communicate in an effective way, I was able to defuse the situation without inflaming the conversation.

Working with someone to learn new communication skills is not just important for professional contexts – rather, it is a vital skill for moving through your life able to speak without judging yourself or fearing judgment from others. Showing empathy for your antagonist is not a sign of weakness, but of strength – where you are prioritising yourself, your family, your marriage, your job, and your life. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my clients say they’re getting a full night’s sleep again, having fewer arguments, taking less medication, adeptly managing conversations with the potential for conflict, and feeling newfound self-respect and confidence.



  • Internationally Certified Trainer in the art of Nonviolent Communication (NVC/Compassionate Communication) with the Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Personal Fitness Training
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS) and NVC mediator
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Lifeline Counsellor
  • Lifeline Accidental Counsellor

I can help you if

You’re wanting to create a healthy life, with healthy relationships and healthy thoughts

You worry about speaking up and how it will be received

You hear yourself resort to nagging, sulking or complaining and want to find a better way?

You’ve experienced bullying, gaslighting or a narcissistic relationship, and need to ease that trauma or re-learn to communicate without nervousness of the consequences.

“I appreciate your understanding, support and advice.
Our NVC sessions have helped me both personally and how I respond to my ex-partner. You’ve made a huge difference and I can’t tell you how much its meant to me.
Thank you Glyn, you’re amazing, you really do have a talent for this.”

- Editor online magazine

How to make difficult conversations painless and productive.



Is it becoming difficult to talk to your boss, partner or family member?


I have seen otherwise savvy, intelligent professionals self-destruct because of the dismissive way their manager or family member have treated them.


If not speaking up, talking louder or talking over someone to get your point across has started to become your go to method of conflict resolution, please put your details in the space below where I will give you 3 things you can do instead. 


ACCESS THE GUIDE HERE: https://www.keystoneskills.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/How-to-make-difficult-conversations-productive-and-painless-_-1.pdf