Privacy Policy

Keystone Interaction Skills takes your privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

AS Keystone Interaction Skills is a consultancy services, I may collect general information about those whon contact me about my products ans services. This information includes:

  • Details of your current situation and any relevant issues;
  • Informatiom about your goals and intentions;
  • Any other services that may be providing you with care;
  • Information about your health, disability, use of health services or medication (if relevant);
  • Demographic information such including occupations and age bracket; and
  • Any other relavant information arising during the call.

I have strong security measures in place to protect your sensitive personal information. Please ask me if you would like more specific details about how your information is protected.
If you wish to work with me, I will also ask you to fill out a client information form. This gathers specific information about you, such as your history of self-development courses, emergency contact information, mental health issues and learning difficulties, exercise and personal routines.
This information is collected solely to assist me in serving you better. I will not use, discuss or disclose any of your personal information to anybody other than yourself without your express consent.

All the information I gather is stored either in handwritten notes kept in a locked filing cabinet or on a password protected computer. If we are sharing information via email or cloud storage systems such as Dropbox, please be aware that I have no control over their security and make your own responsible decisions about what information to share.
My records will never be made available to anyone else for any purpose, unless I am required to do so unavoidably for legal reasons, in which situation every effort will be made to limit the disclosure. It is very important to me to maintain my clients’ confidentiality. This is of paramount importance to my professional reputation.
Please be aware that I will be taking notes during our call or conversation. This is a normal practise for consultants providing nonviolent and compassionate communication services. This information will be collected fairly and in a manner that is not unreasonably intrusive. I also de-identify my notes as much as possible, while still maintaining their utility to our purpose.
By participating in my online programs, you agree to be recorded (both audio and visual). These videos and recordings may be shared with other members of the group and you give your permission for this to occur. Should you wish me not to share specific information, please contact me immediately so we can discuss the options.

I will ask your permission before sharing any testimonials on my website, marketing or social media under your name, and am happy to anonymise testimonials on request.
At times, I may use examples of common situations and experiences to illustrate how my services can help people. You may feel that you recognise your situation and feel that I am referencing or revealing information shared with me in confidence. Please understand that these examples are entirely fictional and are drawn from a compilation of influences shared with me by many clients over many years.
All call records, face to face records and client notes will be kept for 7 years. After this time expires, they are securely disposed of in a manner that de-identifies all information. If you are still my client at the conclusion of 7 years, your records and notes may be retained for a longer period.

If you have any complaints, queries or concerns about the accuracy or security of information that I hold about you, please contact me to discuss the issue. Please understand that I can only provide you with access to your records if this does not compromise the security of others’ personal information:

Glyn Conlon
Office Address: Graylind Close, Collaroy NSW 2097
Postal Address: P.O. Box 651 Narrabeen NSW 2101
Email: glyn@keystoneskills.com.au
Phone: 0406 930 699
I will endeavour to reply to all contact within 7 days.
If you are not satisfied with my response to your complaint you may seek a review by contacting the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner using the information available at http://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-complaints.
If I decide to change my Privacy Policy, I will post a copy of the revised policy on my website.


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