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Mediation Services

Mediation sounds very serious and very legal.  It doesn’t have to be.

I’m a professional mediator based in Sydney, and act as a neutral facilitator.

My experience with the Compassionate Communication style of mediation is more like a supported conversation. You walk in with what matters most to you both and I create a safe space without judgement.

The training and experience I‘ve had with Compassionate Communication mediation fits within the mode of transformative mediation where there is no pressure to come up with solutions. Space is provided for solutions to surface naturally as connection and mutual understanding is created.

It’s recommended that you prepare to have more than 1 session as sometimes where there has been significant history of misunderstanding, disconnection and conflict, it can take time to integrate what you hear each other say as well as any new clarity you have come to within yourself.

Glyn, your ability to discern my family’s feelings and needs was beautiful to watch. The mediation was very special to all of us, thank you for guiding and supporting us through it with such intuition and grace’.

The son of a family of six.

We are all individuals and often have different strategies for ensuring our needs are met.

In any relationship, personal, family, or work/business, this can be a source of conflict. When we feel we are not being heard and understood, our emotions intensify and escalate.  

I help by opening a conversation and holding the space for you to express yourself freely. I facilitate communication without judgment or criticism.  As we communicate with freedom we can move beyond the conflict and come to a deeper understanding.

This process appears simple yet is powerfully transformative and has been used in resolving seemingly hopeless situations.

  • 12 x weekly 1-hour sessions, available in person or online.
  • Can be taken as a mixture of 1 on 1 and partner sessions.
  • In some circumstances I am able to come to you to facilitate mediation.  Please contact me for details.

Take the first step. Book in an exploration call now and let’s see if we’re the right fit.

Mediation One-off Extra Sessions – price on application

If you’d like to find out more about how mediation can help your situation book an exploration call.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is just for you.  This is not counselling or marriage guidance where your partner needs to participate.  This is about you learning how to speak up and communicate your needs to the people around you in a way that is not confronting or aggressive.

Perhaps you’re wondering if you should stay or go, despairing that your partner will ever change.  What if you were the one to change, and through this change achieved the relationship you’ve been longing for?

This is a 6-week programme with 6 1-to-1 calls, held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Each call runs for 60 minutes, however it would be helpful to allow an extra 10 minutes to support us in having space for concluding a thought or insight if we need to.

The programme consists of:

  • 4 self-exploration exercises forwarded via email. Your email response then gives me a sense of how to tailor the coaching calls for your specific needs.

  • 4 self-connection reflection moments– practical play time to complete in between sessions.

  • 4 recorded coaching videos. These are bite size pieces of video between 2-5 minutes to support your journey.

Weekly 10-minute check-in calls.These can be used for questions, to check something you’ve tried, or to receive a top-up of being heard to soothe your nervous system and get back on track.

Any questions are welcome throughout our 6 weeks together via text, phone or email.

Restorative Circles

Restorative circles can be used for large groups as an alternative to meditation.

This process started with local communities in Rio De Janeiro. Rio had the largest rates of police killings. The current strategies at the time were unsatisfactory and Dominic Barter, founder of restorative circles, and his team were asked to run a pilot project in 2004.

During the circle we are listening for meanings, not only words said. We are looking for the underlying value that informs our choices, not just who’s guilty or who should be punished; self- responsibility can rise to the surface naturally and be heard and appreciated.

The facilitation work within the circle is based on the principles and practice of Nonviolent Communication, founded by Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D. Power is shared, and people have the possibility to search for a new solution to their conflict without the threat of one person using their authority over someone else to punish or cause further pain.

It can be used anywhere there is a group of people that gather regularly; work, families, schools, NGOs.

How to make difficult conversations painless and productive.



Is it becoming difficult to talk to your boss, partner or family member?


I have seen otherwise savvy, intelligent professionals self-destruct because of the dismissive way their manager or family member have treated them.


If not speaking up, talking louder or talking over someone to get your point across has started to become your go to method of conflict resolution, please put your details in the space below where I will give you 3 things you can do instead. 


ACCESS THE GUIDE HERE: https://www.keystoneskills.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/How-to-make-difficult-conversations-productive-and-painless-_-1.pdf