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Ever noticed you need support at 3am?

How inconvenient is that!

Your partner is fast asleep, you are worried about some work thing you’ve got on tomorrow and now that thing has entered your head; you can’t stop the thoughts churning.

Or you just may be an exhausted people pleaser ruminating on how you should ‘a, could ‘a, would ‘a

done it differently…..you finally drift off and the alarm goes off.

Or that just happening to me?


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Being Mindful

I notice that when my mind is busy or ‘comparisonitis’ sets in I can get swept away down a rabbit hole where it seems like things are not going right for days.

When I am not mindful of my thoughts and when I don’t take care of myself my days are fueled with worry and I would prefer they be filled with nourishment and support.


As lockdown eases around the world and we crave a return to ‘normal’ there may be a noticeable lack of support in your home, your workplace and with friends and family.

Everyone may get very busy and many may experience a sense of overwhelm.


So what to do when it’s 3am or when everyone else is busy returning to normal?

You can try this visualization.


This visualization takes typically 6-10 minutes and is dependent on how slowly you take each step. It also depends on how quickly you can bring the visuals requested into view.

I recently heard this shared by Paul Kahawatte on a leadership call I participate in. The simplicity of it was reassuring and I was touched by the outcome.

Click here to listen along on YouTube


Let’s begin!

Taking a moment

I invite you to get comfy.

Make sure you are warm or cool enough and make sure you won’t be disturbed.

As you sit, feel the back of the chair. I like to say this piece because I can visualize and feel me doing this. If you activate more than one sense you can increase focus. This cue was passed on to me by my mediation tutor and these words help me settle and relax my shoulders.



I now invite you to imagine a challenge you have faced or one you see yourself facing in the future.

We want it to be something that has significance yet isn’t the biggest challenge you have ever faced. About a score in intensity of 5/6 out of 10.

You are looking for anything that comes under the categories of fear, anxiety, sense of being lost, loneliness, confusion or isolation.

Pause here for a few seconds to give yourself time to grab an example.

And if you would like to be taken through this so you can stay relaxed and just listen head on over to the recording I made for you

Head on over to YouTube

Choose something that brings up some sense of challenge in you.

Imagine a picture in front of you

It might be a difficult meeting or conversation or perhaps a leadership challenge.

Sense into how it feels, what are your emotions and thoughts

Any sensations, or any change in your experience of yourself

Notice if your body responds

Smaller, tighter, more tense for example or any part that wants to get away or move away or anything that comes up in your body.

Notice what comes up in you when your sense this challenge.

Breathing and noticing

Just feeling and noticing it right now.

If you have a sense of how it feels for you in this challenge….maybe take a breath.

If you can breathe in deeply and breathe out more slowly than the breath in; breathe out longer.

Now put your attention on some kind of presence that could accompany you.

Some being that you trust is on your side.

This could be someone you know, have known, fictional, non-human, movie icon, cartoon hero/heroine, tree, a place an animal a light a sound a spiritual being, deity…..

Have a sense of where this person is in relation to your body

If you can trust, you could imagine they may have some contact, their palm of their hand on your back or shoulder, an eagle might be on your shoulder or arm or on the chair next to you…

It can be multiple beings or multiple company…let your imagination and intuition freely decide.


Sense what its like to have these being or people on you side and by your side and notice how ther is an affect in your body, an effect on your breathing.

Is there any movement any emotions that arise?

Just notice.

Sens into and take in that sense of support.


Pause a bit here to relish in this feeling of support.

Holding that sense maybe even increasing that sense a bit.

Take a U turn

I invite you to turn your attention back to that challenge and notice how you feel.

Try to keep the sense of the company, the support and facing the challenge…notice how it feels

Maybe it feels different than before?


If you want to increase that support, if it doesn’t feel as it its enough support related to the challenge

Go ahead and do this, make a note or increase it now and then gently open your eyes

You can increase the support and repeat the visualization tomorrow.


An added tip

As you read or listen to the recording you might like to play your favourite relaxing music quietly.

Evoking another sense can be beneficial to focusing.

I hope this has helped

Please leave a comment below I would love to know if this has helped or if you have your own list of support visualisations that might help me and others.

Tons of love




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