Value of The Vent

Value of The Vent

The Value of The Vent Dissolving the intensity of emotions (yours or others) so we can be heard and foster trust, harmony and respect in all our relationships. Two facts about angry outbursts You are likely to piss off or scare the hell out of others, especially...

How to make difficult conversations painless and productive.



Is it becoming difficult to talk to your boss, partner or family member?


I have seen otherwise savvy, intelligent professionals self-destruct because of the dismissive way their manager or family member have treated them.


If not speaking up, talking louder or talking over someone to get your point across has started to become your go to method of conflict resolution, please put your details in the space below where I will give you 3 things you can do instead. 


ACCESS THE GUIDE HERE: https://www.keystoneskills.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/How-to-make-difficult-conversations-productive-and-painless-_-1.pdf